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Schooner James Moore



Born: February 12, 1970, San Diego, California, only child, parents: Gavin and Dee Moore

Non-practicing Episcopalian

High School: Newport Harbor High, Newport Beach, CA

Highest Level of Education: MBA, University of California, Los Angeles, Anderson School of Business

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Owner of Level 9 Health & Entertainment, Inc.

Marital Status: Married, Colleen J. MacAllister

Children: Holly and Zac

Political Affiliation: Whoever the right man or woman is for the job

Favorite Quote: “Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.” – Jack Welch

Most Inspirational Moment of Your Life: Standing beside Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Hobbies: Sailing, snowboarding

#1 Place on Bucket List: Patagonia

Something you wish you did better: I love photography and wish I was better at both photography and PhotoShop

Favorite Drink: Easy, Single Malt Scotch

Favorite Smoke: Cohibas (I shouldn’t say that)

Favorite way to relax: I love to read.  Spy novels especially.

Favorite movie:  Every James Bond Movie, Pulp Fiction, Ocean’s 11

Car You Drive: I have a Range Rover HSE a Mercedes SL63 AMG Roadster Convertible.

What colors are your cars: The Range Rover is black and the Mercedes is a midnight blue.

Mia Alyse Silver



Born: New York, NY July 12, 1972, parents: Bob and Lois Silver, Only child

High School: Fieldston School, Riverdale, NY

Highest Level of Education: NYU: Stern School of Business - MBA/Marketing

Age you started lying about your age: When I was 12, I started telling people I was 16 because I was already wearing a 34B!

Favorite color: The color of Schooner Moore’s eyes aka Schooner Blue

Place you want to go more than any other place: Petra, Jordan.  I really want to photograph it.

Occupation: Advertising/Marketing.  Founder & President of M.Silver & Associates.

Hobbies:  Photography, travel, chasing sunsets

Obsessions: Shoes and purses, It’s genetic

Favorite Movie: Anything by Christopher Guest – but Best in Show is probably my favorite.  Desperately Seeking Susan is another one I love – totally NY/NYU downtown scene.  Love that and love Aiden Quinn!

What kind of car do you own:  Umm, does a subway car count?  I live in NYC – parking spaces here are crazy expensive.  I have a lot of pairs of sneakers.

Philosophy you live by: This is not a dress rehearsal

One thing you wish you could have a “do-over” on:  Only one? I actually need two.

Song you listen to when you are bummed out: It’s got to be songs – Top 3 are The Band’s “It Makes No Difference”, Jefferson Airplane’s “Coming Back to Me,” and Jefferson Starship’s “Runaway.”

Dogs or Cats: Dogs – large

Ocean or Mountains: Both but ocean is the salve for my soul.  I'm a beach girl.

Favorite Product: Mango Butter Lotion

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